Magnificent Music!

This half term in Year 5, all of the children have a weekly music lesson from a specialist ukulele teacher. This week, 5S have been learning the names of the strings and have learn to play The Thumb Brush Strum in their lesson. We all enjoyed playing a piece of music together and learning all about finding the pulse of a song. Well done, 5S!

Spielberg, watch out!

This week, 5S have started to engross themselves further into Macbeth. All children have been given a part and have started to learn more about their character’s storyline and have been learning their lines. Children have also become student directors and have been helping their classmates to really perform for their audience, reminding each other that every facial expression and action has a reason behind it. We’ve practised how to use our voices for effect and how a variety of levels help to show status. Great work 5S!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to school 5S! We have had an exciting first week back in school this week. We have been getting our teeth into all things Macbeth ready for our dramatization of ‘The Scottish Play.’

5S have been creating some artwork to represent the battlefield in the Scottish highlands, which is a key setting in Macbeth. We have been using pastels and charcoal to create effective pieces that represent the dark and dreary settings of the first scene of the play.

I’d like to thank all of the children in 5S for coming back to school with such a positive attitude towards learning and for trying their best in everything they’ve done this week. Well done everyone!