Remembrance Week

We spent the week looking at what Remembrance Day is truly all about, its significance and the sacrifice of those who fought for our country. We learnt about the significance of the poppy and how they were seen in Flanders Field by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae. He saw them and was inspired to write a poem which became so popular it is the reason we use poppies today as a symbol for never forgetting those who died in the war.

Here is a poem by Abigail inspired by ‘Amulet’ by Ted Hughes.

Remembrance Day:

Inside the bitter cold, the despicable pain.

Inside the despicable pain, the horrific losses.

Inside the horrific losses, the Flanders Field.

Inside the Flanders Field, the only hope.

Inside the only hope, the flourishing poppies.

Inside the flourishing poppies, the distressing years.

Inside the distressing years, the bitter cold.

Inside the bitter cold, the fight for freedom.

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