Arts Fortnight

What an afternoon! I would like to thank all the parents again for their participation and attendance at 5S Art’s Fortnight. The children worked so hard to produce artwork and a dance that they were proud off. We pushed ourselves even further and created a stop motion animation of the story of Icarus which was a HIT. If you were unable to attend the animation will be uploaded later this week for all to see. Our performance was the story of Icarus and his downfall shown through dance. Some of my favourite parts were where the children lifted Icarus and then all participated in a trust fall depicting the part when Icarus fell to his death and when at the start when Icarus was putting on his wings showing that he was headstrong and ready to leave captivity. Our artwork consisted of water colour paintings showing still scenes of the sky Icarus would often fly beneath, sketches of the children with wings telling you where they feel free and relief artwork where the children created 3-D feathers. Have a look at some of the images below to see the journey.

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